Awesome kid robot building parties Tiny and Silver Packages

About the Awesome kid robot building parties Tiny and Silver Packages birthday party

We offer four different levels for our awesome kid robot building parties: TinySilverGold and Platinum. All of our parties last an hour and a half — and every party at the Foundry is a total blast! Kids and parents will have an incredible time in an exciting, creative, and fun environment. 

Tiny Party

Tiny Parties- the perfect party for 2-4 year olds and their caregivers! Our Build Together approach encourages toddlers and their loved ones to explore the world of robotics together while building a custom robot.

Our hour and a half party will start with a fun game where child-caregiver pairs sit on the ground and are introduced to different parts of a circuit. After the game, pairs listen to a Robot Foundry teacher read an interactive story about Adrien the expert robot builder. The teacher will intermittently pause the story to lead child-caregiver pairs in the robot building process. At the end of the story, each child will have a customizable moving tricycle robot to decorate and take home!

Tiny Parties are always capped at ten child/caregiver pairs. Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions to this cap due to size considerations of the space.

We do not provide cake or food for the party but we can help you connect with local restaurants.

What does the Tiny Party include?

A custom built and designed robot that each child takes home

A fun coloring page that teaches robotic principles and engages children in building

How much is a Tiny Party?

$500 for up to 10 kid/parent pair (including birthday child/caregiver)

We do NOT offer Tiny Parties for more than 10 kids due to space considerations! (No exceptions, sorry!)

Silver Party

We are excited to offer an alternative party activity as a lower cost option. This party works well for younger builders ages four to six!

For Silver Parties, the children will be creating awesome parachutes and little light-up passengers to ride inside! This activity is designed for kids who are just getting into robotics. If your child is more advanced or been to the Foundry a bunch, you may want to consider a Gold Party.

The kids have a blast making and playing with their creations in our vertical wind tunnels. They will take home their parachutes, their light up passenger and their battery controller. The room will be filled with lots of laughs and smiles as the kids test and tweak their parachute designs, while also learning about the power of lift and drag!

We do not provide cake or food for the party but we can help you connect with local restaurants.

What does the Silver Party include?

Parachutes and simple light-up robotic passenger

How much is a Silver Party?

$425 for up to 10 kids (including birthday child)

$525 for up to 15 kids (including birthday child)

$625 for up to 20 kids (including birthday child)

$725 for up to 25 kids (including birthday child)

More than 25 kids? Please contact us for pricing!

More details

  • One and half hour of activity
  • 10 guests included, max 10 guests


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 2 customer reviews

Wonderful time
Doron O.

My wife and I had out son's 4th birthday at Brooklyn Robot Foundry and it was so much fun. My son and his friends had a wonderful time. Even days after, my son's friends from school kept talking about the party. The staff did an amazing job with the children. They were accommodating, attentive, pleasant while they guided the kids with their activity (Flying Floaties). My wife and I are already planning for my son's next birthday at Brooklyn Robot Foundry.

date 08/04/2017
it was AMAZING!
Michele R.

my 8 year old son has his birthday party at the brooklyn robot foundry this past spring. we had 8 or 9 kids at the robot foundry and it was AMAZING! jenny, dave, and their employees are incredible- total professionals, and also genuinely excited about robots, kids, and teaching. it's a rare combination! my son and his friends had an amazing time, built cool robots and all left excited about what they'd learned and done and wanting to go back. many of them told their parents it was the coolest birthday party they'd ever been to...and you know what? it was!

date 06/25/2012
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Estimated Total $10003
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