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Top 6 Birthday Party Themes In New York City

by Charlot

Posted on Sunday Feb 19, 2017 at 03:27AM in birthday ideas

Have you got another children's birthday party coming up? Popular themes for kids birthday parties are usually about their favorite characters, pets or hobbies. From Disney characters to Star Wars, art workshops, music and magic show party packages, we round up the hottest birthday party themes for kids in New York City. Feel free to grab these ideas or book NYC entertainers who offer amazing talents and services with these top six birthday party themes!

Art And Music

Let your child celebrate his special day with his favorite art subjects, music and instruments featuring a dazzling display of art supplies, basic painting tutorials, coloring books, art projects, musical bands, dancing, song requests and other fun activities related to arts and music. It surely is a great way to keep them busy while learning and enjoying.

Magic Shows

With magic show themed birthday party, the memories your child has with his friends and family are incomparable. NYC Magic shows packages feature performances and professional magicians that will surely amaze you! Whether you want a musical act with magic or comedy magic, you can choose the best magician for your party needs. So if you want to add some special touch on your magical themed birthday party, make way for magic shows and talented magicians in NY.

Sports And Fitness

Sports and fitness themed birthday party is full of fun and energy where kids of all ages could try different games and sports like basketball, baseball, football and more. NY sports and fitness packages have all the necessary supplies and equipments for certain activities as well as certified trainers to host the event and to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the kids.

Star Wars

Fan of Star Wars? Cool. Thus, don't worry if your little Jedi or Princess Leia requests for a star wars themed birthday party because you can always book Star Wars entertainers in New York to throw the best bash in the galaxy.

Acting & Costumes

Put the kids through their favorite movie or cartoon characters with acting and costumes themed birthday party. A birthday party with some acting and costumes can bring ultimate fun to your little star. Kids will be entertained with a magical adventure using costumes, props and acting games as well as interact with each other to express their acting skills and creative minds. Each character with their lovely costumes will surely bring the party to life.

Disney Characters

There's nothing like celebrating your child's birthday than having Disney characters on the scene. Seeing their favorite party characters in a mascot can provide a lasting memory and can make the party extra special. The popular Disney characters are Mickey Mouse, Frozen (Elsa), Cinderella, Dumbo and Donald Duck.

How about you? What's your favorite birthday party theme for your little one?

Fun at One – Planning Your Kid’s First Birthday Party in NYC

by Charlot

Posted on Thursday Dec 01, 2016 at 08:44PM in birthday ideas

As parents, you always feel excited when your baby is turning one and you are so proud that he or she had accomplished the stage in life as a baby being healthy, active and smart. That is why you dream of giving her a birthday party that can be remembered and treasured for a lifetime. You can use some of the kids birthday party packages which you can easily browse online at directory to help you plan your kid's first birthday party.


You can use this checklist to help you plan your child?s birthday party in New York;

List Your Guest

Listing the guest is one of the most important part of a birthday party. No matter how fabulous your venues and food are, without filling the day with best people to celebrate with you, they are useless. So make sure to invite and bring together the best attendees and decide the number of your guests according to your budget.

Consider Your Budget

Write down your expenses and then allocate your budget when preparing the party needs and supplies before moving on to the final amount to spend. Don?t forget to separate an amount for last minute expenses even if the party was already started so you should have less worries about other expenses that pop up.

Choose The Best Time And Place

Regardless of your theme, you can choose hundreds of great birthday party venues in New York city. You can even hire entertainers to come to your home and perform for the guests. When choosing the time, the ideal time for a 1st birthday party is after your baby wakes up from a nap so she is more relaxed.

Selecting A Theme

When thinking of a party theme, think of something like a toy or something your baby love to play with or a video clip of a nursery rhyme she really enjoys listening. For example you can have a Sesame Street First Birthday Party theme or a Barney Themed 1st Birthday Party. This is fun for kids as they see different characters joining them in the party.

Best Foods To Prepare

It is best to prepare soft and teeth-friendly foods for a first birthday party. Just keep it simple and think of a menu that will be acceptable for ages 1 to 4 years old. You can serve french fries and pasta or sliced soft fruits like banana and milk shakes.

Games And Activities

Prepare an assorted child-friendly toys like musical instruments, books, push and pull toys, rugged dolls or puzzle blocks. You may also prepare a ?sing and action? game where you can play a recording of their favorite nursery rhyme songs and let the little ones and their parents do the actions together. A ?crawl race? can also be exciting where you will place a cuddly toy at the end of the room then let them crawl and see who will be the first one to get it will win the game!


Loot bags with foods and toys inside including candies, stickers, and mini toys are great for giveaways. Pillows with print of a cartoon character like Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Barbie are also good choices to give and to bring as a souvenir.

Birthday Presents

Toys and books are the best birthday presents you can give to your child to enhance their imagination. Pictures and videos are also good for keeping the good memories for a lifetime.

So come and see some of our birthday party listings at in New York City and you will see how much time and effort you can save when you discover amazing ideas, entertainers and venues. Search them now!

NYC Birthday Idea 101: Interactive Workshops For Little Artists

by Charlot

Posted on Tuesday Nov 08, 2016 at 10:26PM in birthday venues

If your child wants to learn something about how to write and perform stand-up, sketch, or improvisational comedy, it would be a great idea to let his/her special day be celebrated in an interactive workshops. If you live in New York areas, you book workshops to boost the creative interest of your child as well as his friends. Workshops birthday package would help improve his social skills, writing and acting talents while learning and having fun.

Here are some important considerations and tips to celebrate a workshop birthday party in NYC;

Book early for less hassles

Make sure to have an early booking to reserve your child's party in workshop centers. Limit your invited guests as they only allow a maximum of 10 to 15 guests only. You must also inform them that each child must be accompanied by one adult to join the party. A friendly workshop instructor will host the party who will entertain and educate the kids about the different skills and activities they can learn and enjoy doing.This would definitely be an unforgettable experience and productive activity for both the kids and adult guests.

What the package includes?

It is usually a one hour activity for 10 to 15 guests suitable for kids from 12 to 19 years old. Kids will be managed by professional NYC comedians and artists in a child-friendly environment when everyone can explore, share their talents and laugh while helping them improve their self-esteem and public speaking skills. Moreover, children can learn to write and perform in one day or one week workshop sessions.

Keychain and shirts as giveaways

Give your guests something they will cherish upon learning a different kind of skills in the party. You can hand them to bring home a key chain with a picture of your child along with other workshop themed stuff. T-shirts printed with a thank you message are great additions too!

At the end of every workshops, little talents can have a mini performance to show what they've learned. Kids can come up with something funny to perform, even after only an hour long class. Parents are always amazed that they never knew their kids could be so talented and funny. provides a list of companies that offer workshops with friendly environment for you to celebrate your child's special day together with your family and friends. So, what are you waiting for? Book these birthday packages in New York City now!

Art Of Fun-Themed Kids Birthday Party in New York City

by Charlot

Posted on Thursday Sep 29, 2016 at 11:15PM in birthday ideas

Have an artist little one who's about to celebrate her/his birthday? An art of fun is an ideal birthday party theme allowing your child and the little guests to bring out their creativity and express themselves in an artistic and tasty way. Art-themed kids birthday party offers great and colorful ideas with lots of activities to play and treats to share and enjoy. Everything from props to buffet table can be color-coordinated to come up with a vibrant and joyful atmosphere.

Art of fun-themed birthday party is not on only a creative and fun idea for your child's next birthday, it's also a great way for them to learn new skills and improve their talents in arts while having fun doing so. Check out these art themed birthday party packages for kids that come with amazing entertainers and birthday surprises in New York city!

Plaster Painting Fun Package

This art-themed birthday party package enables the young artists to express their creativity by adding colors to a plaster fun craft. This package offers a great selection of art mediums that kids can design and paint at the party and take their art with them, certainly ideal painting giveaways for everyone to keep and hang them up at home. More information about this birthday package here: Plaster Painting Fun birthday party.


Canvas Painting Package

Canvas painting is absolutely a creative bonding time and birthday activity for the kids. The package offers step by step painting guide that kids can recreate and finish with colors of their choice. It's a wonderful experience for you, your child and your guest and as a bonus, they can take home their unique art piece as a remembrance. Canvas painting package is hosted by talented artists who guide the kids on how to create their masterpieces. What's more, this package provides pizza, juice or soda for the kids and coffee or tea for the adults. Find out more about this NYC birthday party package here: Canvas Painting birthday party.


Creative Mosaic Package

This package is perfect for children who want to explore the artistic value of mosaic as well as unleash the creativity in them. Creative Mosaic Package is among the most unique art forms your child can learn and develop her/his artistic talent with including the creative way of designing natural materials like sea glass and sea shells. This package also includes professional artists who will educate and entertain the kids. More information about this offer can be found here: Creative Mosaic birthday party.


If you're looking for a fun, colorful and creative idea for your kids birthday, art-themed party is absolutely a smart choice. Book an art-themed birthday package to save time. They have the best entertainers, venues and activities in NYC for all your party needs.

Sweet Treats-Themed Birthday Party For Kids Birthday Party in NYC

by Charlot

Posted on Friday Aug 26, 2016 at 06:39AM in birthday ideas

If you are planning to have a different kind of birthday theme for your child's birthday party, be creative and think of something sweet and charming. I'm sure you already know what most kids love, so why not throw a party with lots of sweet treats such as candy buffet? This would certainly be a big hit for all the kiddie guests featuring a dozen colorful and different candies. Your candy buffet could be anything, whether you grab the idea from a book or a movie, it will certainly be a fun-filled birthday event for everyone.

Looking for other sweet treats ideas? Try the following tips!

Candy Buffet Table Full Of Fun And Treats

You can buy bulk colorful candies in a candy store or online shops. You can put a single color or variety of colorful candies in big or medium sized jars, glass bowls and glass vase. Cover the table with a nice tablecloth and design your candy buffet with giant pops, bubble gums, mallows, gummies, cake, cupcakes and chocolates. You can fill the jars with jelly candies, gumballs and M&Ms. Use glass vases to arrange, decorate and display your small and large lollipops with ribbons and crepe papers. You can also place some popular cartoon characters on the table like rainbow dash, power puff girls, Disney characters or Mickey/Minnie mouse. To add balance on your sweet treats while sticking on the theme, make colored coated candy apples, strawberries or any fruits you can think of.

DIY Sweet Party Favors

You can tell your guests to make their own party favor bags. Give them clear plastic bags or party boxes and then ask them to choose their favorite candies that are on the candy buffet table that they want to bring home. Try birthday party favors like cotton candy cone, thank you cups filled with candies and toys, cookie favors, sweet pop corns on emojis cups and a lot more. At the end of the day, as their tongues start to crave, satisfy all those with sweet favors and let your guests take home the delicious treats.

Sweet Party Games & Activities

Party games and activities should be as simple and sweet as the candy buffet treats. How about having a bubblegum blowing contest? It is absolutely fun and enjoyable games for the little ones. Candy scoop contest is also another great game where there are 2 groups who will scoop out candies from one jar and then quickly fill it to another jar. Let the kids participate on the Candy Hunt.

chocolate fountain.jpg

Do you want more ideas for your child's birthday party? Check out our kids birthday parties in NYC for the best birthday packages for whatever birthday theme you have. Best venues and entertainers are available too!