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Sweet Treats-Themed Birthday Party For Kids Birthday Party in NYC

by Charlot

Posted on Friday Aug 26, 2016 at 06:39AM in birthday ideas

If you are planning to have a different kind of birthday theme for your child's birthday party, be creative and think of something sweet and charming. I'm sure you already know what most kids love, so why not throw a party with lots of sweet treats such as candy buffet? This would certainly be a big hit for all the kiddie guests featuring a dozen colorful and different candies. Your candy buffet could be anything, whether you grab the idea from a book or a movie, it will certainly be a fun-filled birthday event for everyone.

Looking for other sweet treats ideas? Try the following tips!

Candy Buffet Table Full Of Fun And Treats

You can buy bulk colorful candies in a candy store or online shops. You can put a single color or variety of colorful candies in big or medium sized jars, glass bowls and glass vase. Cover the table with a nice tablecloth and design your candy buffet with giant pops, bubble gums, mallows, gummies, cake, cupcakes and chocolates. You can fill the jars with jelly candies, gumballs and M&Ms. Use glass vases to arrange, decorate and display your small and large lollipops with ribbons and crepe papers. You can also place some popular cartoon characters on the table like rainbow dash, power puff girls, Disney characters or Mickey/Minnie mouse. To add balance on your sweet treats while sticking on the theme, make colored coated candy apples, strawberries or any fruits you can think of.

DIY Sweet Party Favors

You can tell your guests to make their own party favor bags. Give them clear plastic bags or party boxes and then ask them to choose their favorite candies that are on the candy buffet table that they want to bring home. Try birthday party favors like cotton candy cone, thank you cups filled with candies and toys, cookie favors, sweet pop corns on emojis cups and a lot more. At the end of the day, as their tongues start to crave, satisfy all those with sweet favors and let your guests take home the delicious treats.

Sweet Party Games & Activities

Party games and activities should be as simple and sweet as the candy buffet treats. How about having a bubblegum blowing contest? It is absolutely fun and enjoyable games for the little ones. Candy scoop contest is also another great game where there are 2 groups who will scoop out candies from one jar and then quickly fill it to another jar. Let the kids participate on the Candy Hunt.

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