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Pool Birthday Party For Kids In NYC

by Charlot

Posted on Friday Jan 06, 2017 at 11:22PM in birthday venues

If you're having a children's birthday party on spring or summer, you can surely find party venues and packages at NYC listing for this particular season like a pool birthday party adventure. Pool birthday parties offer lots of fun and activities for the little ones, from supervised swimming, games, art projects, party foods and drinks to entertainment and freebies. Sit back and relax as we bring you some great idea for you to celebrate your child's birthday or plan someone else's birthday celebration in New York!

Select the best pool party venue in NY

Come for a summer full of fun at NYC's pool party venues for kids' birthday. Children definitely love playing at the pool adding some enjoyable activities, games and party foods. Try one of our pool birthday party packages when you browse our listings online. Whether they can swim or not, what's important is that kids are enjoying the day together with friends and family.

Pool Party Invitations

Of course, a birthday party is incomplete without party invitations. Since you will be having a pool birthday party, you can incorporate some theme ideas like like under the sea, sponge bob, beach balls, nautical or little mermaid. Anything related to water adventures is perfect for the party theme decors.

Pool Party Favors

Pool party favors can be anything like goggles, water gun, soap bubble toys, towels or under the sea toys. Don't forget to add a personalized tag with thank you notes.

Pool Party Games

There are many fun games that kids can play at the pool. Try Water Tag, Soaked Shirt Relay, Water Balloon Toss, Jump or Dive and Relay Races that are surely enjoyable not only for the little ones but for the adult guests as well.

Pool Party Food Ideas

You can't go wrong with pool party favorites like sandwiches, ice cream, grilled pizza, BBQ, watermelon pops, candy pops, more fruit slices and dips, gummy candies and hot dogs. Set up a bar with everything in there and let the kids get adventurous with their own choice of foods. Just don't forget to keep the theme when serving your food and drinks.

We have some other categories or packages that you can find and book online when you browse our listings for your child's upcoming birthday party. Start your search now!

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