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NYC Birthday Idea 101: Interactive Workshops For Little Artists

by Charlot

Posted on Tuesday Nov 08, 2016 at 10:26PM in birthday venues

If your child wants to learn something about how to write and perform stand-up, sketch, or improvisational comedy, it would be a great idea to let his/her special day be celebrated in an interactive workshops. If you live in New York areas, you book workshops to boost the creative interest of your child as well as his friends. Workshops birthday package would help improve his social skills, writing and acting talents while learning and having fun.

Here are some important considerations and tips to celebrate a workshop birthday party in NYC;

Book early for less hassles

Make sure to have an early booking to reserve your child's party in workshop centers. Limit your invited guests as they only allow a maximum of 10 to 15 guests only. You must also inform them that each child must be accompanied by one adult to join the party. A friendly workshop instructor will host the party who will entertain and educate the kids about the different skills and activities they can learn and enjoy doing.This would definitely be an unforgettable experience and productive activity for both the kids and adult guests.

What the package includes?

It is usually a one hour activity for 10 to 15 guests suitable for kids from 12 to 19 years old. Kids will be managed by professional NYC comedians and artists in a child-friendly environment when everyone can explore, share their talents and laugh while helping them improve their self-esteem and public speaking skills. Moreover, children can learn to write and perform in one day or one week workshop sessions.

Keychain and shirts as giveaways

Give your guests something they will cherish upon learning a different kind of skills in the party. You can hand them to bring home a key chain with a picture of your child along with other workshop themed stuff. T-shirts printed with a thank you message are great additions too!

At the end of every workshops, little talents can have a mini performance to show what they've learned. Kids can come up with something funny to perform, even after only an hour long class. Parents are always amazed that they never knew their kids could be so talented and funny. provides a list of companies that offer workshops with friendly environment for you to celebrate your child's special day together with your family and friends. So, what are you waiting for? Book these birthday packages in New York City now!

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