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Moms To-Do-List For Children’s Birthday Party in New York

by Charlot

Posted on Friday Dec 16, 2016 at 12:53AM in birthday ideas

For moms out there, planning for a birthday party for kids is a tedious task but if you have the step by step guide and list of how to plan a birthday party in NYC, it would be easier and more enjoyable to prepare a party your child and guests will cherish forever. Moreover, NYC birthday packages featuring great venues and entertainers are now accessible online for fast and easy booking. This is a great option for busy parents or moms who want to get rid of a stressful preparation.

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Here we've listed a to-do? list to help all the party planning moms out there!

Choose The Best Time And Location

Pick the best time of the day for your child?s birthday party. For most people, late afternoon seems to work well until 5:00pm. It also gives you more time to get ready. For best venues in NYC, you can browse available packages online where you can match them with your theme. These packages usually come with entertainers, fun activities, freebies and even party foods. You may also choose to visit potential party places so you can see where things might be set up.

Select A Party Theme (Keep Your Child Involved)

When choosing a birthday party theme, make sure to have your child get involved. Notice his favorite cartoon characters, toys, TV shows and video clips. A birthday theme can be tailored to your budget. Whatever you choose, make sure to capture everything and most importantly, have fun decorating.

Make A Guest List

Create a list and decide how many guests you want to invite of which you think will accommodate the place and will suit your budget of course. Write your guests according to how you know them well. Include every possible person you want to invite and think of the people who are really good at being the life of the event.

Ask An Organizer

Planning and setting up everything can be exhausting and time consuming especially if you're a busy working mom. By hiring a party planner, you can relax, sit back and spends quality time on your child and the guests. Just be sure to plan ahead of time, if possible 2-3 months before the actual date of the event.

Distribute The Invitation

Since you already have the number of guests, preparing the invitations would be easier. You have two options for this; DIY invitations or having someone design them for you. If you decide to do it yourself, there are many templates you can browse and download online or you can simply buy cards from bookstores and write the information there.Traditionally, it is best to send the invitation cards 6-8 weeks before. The sooner you can notify your guests, the better.

Buy Party Needs

Make a shopping list of the things you'll need like party favors, decoration stuff, balloons and other party supplies. Don't settle for the first items you see from the first two or three stores you visit. Scout and go around and you will be surprised with many other affordable options.

Prepare The Foods

Of course, a birthday cake should always included on the table. You can ask your local bakery to bake or design the cake according to the theme with your child's photo in it. You can also accessorize your theme-cake with cupcakes and candies. Finger foods, pasta, sandwiches, fruits and nuggets make food preparation easier and these foods are definitely loved by children.

Have Fun

Above all, have fun as you plan and celebrate your little one's big day. Every mom is excited with her child's birthday? it's a special day that is worth your quality time and effort. So enjoy every minute of it and treasure the moment before it ends.

These are just some of the party planning tips for all busy moms who are organizing a birthday party for their kids in New York. If you are interested to know more about birthday packages in New York, click here.

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