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How To Plan a 7th Birthday Party in New York City

by Charlot

Posted on Saturday Aug 13, 2016 at 08:18AM in birthday venues

Many moms do not look forward to be inevitable birthday party for many reasons but ultimately, parents do want to give their kids a great memorable birthday party most especially on their seventh birthday.


Why 7th birthday must be celebrated?

Seventh birthday is said to be one of the most important birthday event of childhood years. Many believe that this is the stage where a child begins to demonstrate his/her little maturity and sense of responsibility. Moreover, this is also the time where a child becomes vulnerable in keeping memories and experiences. Therefore, it?s a once in a lifetime event that is certainly worth a huge celebration.

Why celebrate your child's 7th birthday party in NYC?

With so many awesome venues and amazing entertainers in NYC, there's probably no better place to celebrate your child's 7th birthday than the big apple, New York City. Birthday coming up very soon? Don't fret! Follow these tips to plan your child's seventh birthday party smoothly and successfully;

Tip #1 - Plan ahead and make a checklist.

Plan ahead of time and prepare a checklist to make sure you are not missing anything. This checklist will be your guide as well reminds you of the things that you've already accomplished and things that require your attention. Additionally, your checklist should have the information about your child's choices, number of invited guests, invitation cards preparation, foods, birthday supplies and venues/entertainers.

Tip #2 - Find a venue/good entertainers.

Online directory is the most convenient and easiest way to find ideal venues and entertainers in NYC. is one of the most reliable sources to find the best places to celebrate your child?s big day as well as talented entertainers who offer packages with affordable prices in New York areas. Just browse from the list of available entertainers and venues, make sure to review the services and features they provide, choose a service or package according to your needs, set a date/time and book your request online. You will be directed to the form for your address and other essential details. Rest assured, your privacy and information is safe and secured.

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Tip #3 - Decide on venues based on the number of guests.

While searching for the right venues, make sure to check the number of guests they accept. You have the full control of the number of visitors you want to invite. Stick with a few important people. Otherwise, you'll end up stressing yourself looking for additional space, tables and chairs.

Tip #4 - Gather your ideas for the best and enjoyable activities that everyone can participate.

NY birthday entertainers usually provide plenty of activities for the kids. Some of the most popular activities include balloon twisting, pizza making, magic performances, musical and puppet shows, star wars and art adventures.

It is important to have enough time to plan so you can have a smooth and frazzled free birthday celebration when the big day comes.

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