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Fun at One – Planning Your Kid’s First Birthday Party in NYC

by Charlot

Posted on Thursday Dec 01, 2016 at 08:44PM in birthday ideas

As parents, you always feel excited when your baby is turning one and you are so proud that he or she had accomplished the stage in life as a baby being healthy, active and smart. That is why you dream of giving her a birthday party that can be remembered and treasured for a lifetime. You can use some of the kids birthday party packages which you can easily browse online at directory to help you plan your kid's first birthday party.


You can use this checklist to help you plan your child?s birthday party in New York;

List Your Guest

Listing the guest is one of the most important part of a birthday party. No matter how fabulous your venues and food are, without filling the day with best people to celebrate with you, they are useless. So make sure to invite and bring together the best attendees and decide the number of your guests according to your budget.

Consider Your Budget

Write down your expenses and then allocate your budget when preparing the party needs and supplies before moving on to the final amount to spend. Don?t forget to separate an amount for last minute expenses even if the party was already started so you should have less worries about other expenses that pop up.

Choose The Best Time And Place

Regardless of your theme, you can choose hundreds of great birthday party venues in New York city. You can even hire entertainers to come to your home and perform for the guests. When choosing the time, the ideal time for a 1st birthday party is after your baby wakes up from a nap so she is more relaxed.

Selecting A Theme

When thinking of a party theme, think of something like a toy or something your baby love to play with or a video clip of a nursery rhyme she really enjoys listening. For example you can have a Sesame Street First Birthday Party theme or a Barney Themed 1st Birthday Party. This is fun for kids as they see different characters joining them in the party.

Best Foods To Prepare

It is best to prepare soft and teeth-friendly foods for a first birthday party. Just keep it simple and think of a menu that will be acceptable for ages 1 to 4 years old. You can serve french fries and pasta or sliced soft fruits like banana and milk shakes.

Games And Activities

Prepare an assorted child-friendly toys like musical instruments, books, push and pull toys, rugged dolls or puzzle blocks. You may also prepare a ?sing and action? game where you can play a recording of their favorite nursery rhyme songs and let the little ones and their parents do the actions together. A ?crawl race? can also be exciting where you will place a cuddly toy at the end of the room then let them crawl and see who will be the first one to get it will win the game!


Loot bags with foods and toys inside including candies, stickers, and mini toys are great for giveaways. Pillows with print of a cartoon character like Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Barbie are also good choices to give and to bring as a souvenir.

Birthday Presents

Toys and books are the best birthday presents you can give to your child to enhance their imagination. Pictures and videos are also good for keeping the good memories for a lifetime.

So come and see some of our birthday party listings at in New York City and you will see how much time and effort you can save when you discover amazing ideas, entertainers and venues. Search them now!

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