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Art Of Fun-Themed Kids Birthday Party in New York City

by Charlot

Posted on Thursday Sep 29, 2016 at 11:15PM in birthday ideas

Have an artist little one who's about to celebrate her/his birthday? An art of fun is an ideal birthday party theme allowing your child and the little guests to bring out their creativity and express themselves in an artistic and tasty way. Art-themed kids birthday party offers great and colorful ideas with lots of activities to play and treats to share and enjoy. Everything from props to buffet table can be color-coordinated to come up with a vibrant and joyful atmosphere.

Art of fun-themed birthday party is not on only a creative and fun idea for your child's next birthday, it's also a great way for them to learn new skills and improve their talents in arts while having fun doing so. Check out these art themed birthday party packages for kids that come with amazing entertainers and birthday surprises in New York city!

Plaster Painting Fun Package

This art-themed birthday party package enables the young artists to express their creativity by adding colors to a plaster fun craft. This package offers a great selection of art mediums that kids can design and paint at the party and take their art with them, certainly ideal painting giveaways for everyone to keep and hang them up at home. More information about this birthday package here: Plaster Painting Fun birthday party.


Canvas Painting Package

Canvas painting is absolutely a creative bonding time and birthday activity for the kids. The package offers step by step painting guide that kids can recreate and finish with colors of their choice. It's a wonderful experience for you, your child and your guest and as a bonus, they can take home their unique art piece as a remembrance. Canvas painting package is hosted by talented artists who guide the kids on how to create their masterpieces. What's more, this package provides pizza, juice or soda for the kids and coffee or tea for the adults. Find out more about this NYC birthday party package here: Canvas Painting birthday party.


Creative Mosaic Package

This package is perfect for children who want to explore the artistic value of mosaic as well as unleash the creativity in them. Creative Mosaic Package is among the most unique art forms your child can learn and develop her/his artistic talent with including the creative way of designing natural materials like sea glass and sea shells. This package also includes professional artists who will educate and entertain the kids. More information about this offer can be found here: Creative Mosaic birthday party.


If you're looking for a fun, colorful and creative idea for your kids birthday, art-themed party is absolutely a smart choice. Book an art-themed birthday package to save time. They have the best entertainers, venues and activities in NYC for all your party needs.

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